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Belly pork

Belly pork is a fabulous cut, it has a good lean to fat ratio.

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Belly pork



  • Best Lincolnshire **GLUTEN FREE**

    £8.50 Per Kg

    Our signature sausage, seasoned with sage, salt, pepper nutmeg & mace our Best Lincolnshire sausage is a true classic.ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Plain Lincolnshire **GLUTEN FREE**

    £7.99 Per Kg

    Slightly less seasoned than our Best Lincolnshire these are also slightly lower meat content but this makes them a softer texture and they are well suite to kids! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Best Lincolnshire Chipolatas **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    The same meat recipe as our Best Lincolnshire sausages but filled out into small chipolata skins, perfect for breakfasts, Christmas, and of course hot dogs! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Curried Goat & Mango **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Our world famous sausage! As seen on BBC when Jim made them for BBC Young Butcher of the Year 2009, the judges loved them and he went on the win! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Beef & Stout

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Perfect for all sorts of dishes, but we have to recommend them in "toad in the whole".ALLERGENS: GLUTEN, MILK, SULPHITES

  • Beef Thyme & Wholegrain Mustard **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Beautiful herby sausage, makes a real good substitute to a pork sausage and makes amazing sausage rolls! ALLERGENS: MUSTARD, SULPHITES

  • Beef & English **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Striking in colour these are a really tasty sausage fabulous on the BBQ. ALLERGENS: MUSTARD, SULPHITES

  • Beef & Sweet Chilli **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    One of our best sellers these sausages are the very best on the BBQ! ALLERGENS: SESAME, SULPHITES

  • Pork & Leek **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    A true classic, made with fresh Lincolnshire leeks! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES, MUSTARD

  • Pork, Honey & Mustard **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Sweetness form the honey, and tang from the wholegrain mustard, these are also a firm favourite. ALLERGENS: MUSTARD, SULPHITES

  • Toulouse **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Toulouse are a must have if you are making a cassolte, made with pork, black pepper and garlic. ALLERGENS: MILK, SULPHITES

  • Pork, Pear & Stilton **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Creamy blue Stilton and sweet pears a match made in heaven. ALLERGENS: MILK, SULPHITES

  • Merguez **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Seasoned with harrissa, these colourful sausages are made with a beef and lamb mixture. ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Lamb, Apricot & Rosemary **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Herby and sweet, a really change from the norm, lamb makes an excellent sausage. ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Best Lincolnshire Sausage Meat **GLUTEN FREE**

    £8.10 Per Kg

    Our signature sausage meat ready for you to turn it into sausage rolls, stuffing or meat balls! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Pork, Lime & Chilli **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    The sharp tang of lime with sweet warmth of chilli, these are a favourite with everyone. ALLERGENS: MUSTARD, SESAME, SULPHITE

  • Pork, Apple & Cider **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Tangy cooking apples and sharp cider these sausages are delicious! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Pork, Chilli & Chocolate **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Our newest concoction they are a real surprise, fast becoming a firm favourite in the shop! ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • Rose Veal, Watercress & Ginger **GLUTEN FREE**

    £9.44 Per Kg

    Made using our high welfare Rose Veal these are a really fresh tasting sausage with a tang from the fresh ginger. ALLERGENS: SULPHITES

  • "Lowland" Haggis

    £9.99 Per Kg

    Our homemade "Lowland" haggis is made using local sheep offal, oatmeal, onions and a generous pinch of pepper! Unlike their Scottish counterpart, lowland haggis have equal size legs as the gradient is less grazing on the Wolds compared to a mountain side! Gold award winning too!