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Belly pork

Belly pork is a fabulous cut, it has a good lean to fat ratio.

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Belly pork

Lamb: Slow Cook Cuts


  • Lamb Neck "scrag"

    £6.95 Per Kg

    The key for a real Irish stew, lots of flavour and meat but does need slow cooking.

  • Diced Lamb

    £19.99 Per Kg

    Diced and trimmed ready for making casseroles or curries.

  • Breast of Lamb


    Another slow roasting cut, full of flavour, this is a real old fashioned and well worth a try.

  • Lamb Breast Ribs

    £7.50 Per Kg

    cut from the breast, these can be marinated and roasted for a modern twist on an old classic.

  • Stuffed Breast of Lamb

    £5.99 Per Kg

    Boned and stuffed with, apple, apricot & ginger, this makes anise change and is even nice cold with salad. ALLERGENS: EGG, GLUTEN, SULPHITES

  • Lamb Shanks

    £12.90 Per Kg

    Slow cook with red wine and mint, good winter comfot food!

  • Lamb Henry

    £12.00 Per Kg

    Slow roast, this cut has been marinated in sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. Can be served in wraps, or with cous cous for a change from the norm! ALLERGENS: SOYA