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Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is one of my favourites, tender and full of flavour.

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Ribeye steak

Dry Cured Bacon


  • Short back Bacon

    £15.45 Per Kg

    Dry cured our short back bacon is full of flavour with none of that white foam when you cook it! Rind-less. ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Streaky Bacon

    £12.95 Per Kg

    Dry cured our streaky bacon is perfect for crispy bacon, or cooking all sorts of dishes! Rind on ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Smoked short back bacon

    £15.95 Per Kg

    Dry cured and home smoked, the best for a bacon sandwich. Rind-less. ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Bacon Lardons

    £9.95 Per Kg

    Small pieces of smoked and plain bacon, ideal for cooking with. ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Smoked streaky bacon

    £13.15 Per Kg

    Dry cured and home smoked our streaky crisps up a treat and is crucial if you are making a real beof bourguignon ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Bacon Chop

    £13.05 Per Kg

    Dry cured thick cut bacon chop, makes a great change to a gammon steak. ALLERGENS: CELERY

  • Collar of Bacon

    £7.95 Per Kg

    Brine cured from the shoulder of the pig, slightly more fat within it compared to gammon but packed with flavour! ALLERGENS: CELERY