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Belly pork

Belly pork is a fabulous cut, it has a good lean to fat ratio.

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Belly pork

Beef: Offal


  • Ox Liver

    £6.40 Per Kg

    Fine in texture and sweet in flavour, try instead of lambs liver.

  • Ox Heart

    £3.90 Per Kg

    Very dense meat, can be slow braised.

  • Tripe

    £7.50 Per Kg

    Cleaned and bleached, traditionaly eaten in white sauce with onions, but try deep frying in batter as an alternative to calamari

  • Ox Kidney

    £7.41 Per Kg

    Perfect for pies and puddings.

  • Ox Tongue

    £9.10 Per Kg

    Brined and ready to cook so you can try pressing your own at home! ALLERGENS: CELERY