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Beef: Finest Steaks


  • Sirloin steak

    £33.75 Per Kg

    A true classic. Our Longhorn Sirloin was awarded "Britain's Best Steak" by Country Life Magazine. Available as 8oz, 10oz or 12 oz steaks.

  • Rump steak

    £26.51 Per Kg

    Rump has a real depth of flavour, available as 8, 10, or 12oz steaks.

  • Fillet steak

    £49.20 Per Kg

    Larder trimmed, no waste. The most tender steak, available as 6oz, 8oz or 10oz steaks.

  • Ribeye steak

    £34.95 Per Kg

    Ribeye has fantastic marbling and is packed with flavour. Available as 8oz, 10oz or 12 oz steaks.

  • T bone steak

    £29.48 Per Kg

    The king of steaks, with sirloin one side of the bone and fillet the other this is a real treat! Matured for at least 21 days

  • Bavette de flanchet

    £18.99 Per Kg

    A French cut from the flank, best cooked rare to medium and served sliced into strips.

  • Hanger steak "Onglet"

    £19.95 Per Kg

    A super tasty cut of steak from the skirt muscles, as with Bavette best cooked rare to medium

  • Ranch Steak

    £18.59 Per Kg

    Cut from the top rump this economical cut is marrinated in garlic, herbs and oil.

  • Picanha

    £29.98 Per Kg

    Prized by the Brazilians, this cut comes from the rump, fine grained and full of flavour.

  • Chateaubriand

    £52.95 Per Kg

    Cut from the middle of the fillet, perfect for roasting of a beef wellington.

  • Minute Steak

    £16.99 Per Kg

    Thin cut top rump steak ideal for steak sandwiches.

  • Tri-Tip Steak

    £19.90 Per Kg

    This cut of beef is highly prized in Northern California, you may have heard of Santa Maria. The Argentinians also adore it, they call it 'Colita De Quadril'. Barbeque it whole if possible but failing that it will oven roast beautifully. Carve across the grain. 

  • Feather/Flat Iron Steak

    £18.90 Per Kg

    This is cut form the shoulder blade of the animal, and produces a tasty steak. Slightly tougher than other cuts, and is best cooked rare to medium.