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Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is one of my favourites, tender and full of flavour.

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Ribeye steak

Beef: Braising, Stewing & Slow Cooking


  • Diced stewing steak

    £12.09 Per Kg

    Perfect or a casserole or stew.

  • Minced steak

    £10.89 Per Kg

    A kitchen staple, our minced steak is very lean and tasty, Best for dishes like lasagne, chilli & cottage pie

  • Skirt of beef

    £16.99 Per Kg

    The traditional ingredient for Cornish Pasties, but ideal in steak pies too.

  • Shin of beef

    £10.89 Per Kg

    Needs longer, slower cooking, but rewards with a `melting` texture & rich gravy.

  • Brisket of beef

    £12.55 Per Kg

    Pot roasted with a bottle of beer and it really takes some beating! Packed with flavour.

  • Ox Tail

    £10.53 Per Kg

    Makes a wonderful stew with rich silky gravy.

  • Cows heel

    £6.99 Per Kg

    An old fashioned cut, used for thickening gravy.

  • Thin rib "short ribs"

    £10.89 Per Kg

    Sometimes called rising rib due to its ability to rise up during cooking, which has also had it know as " honeymoon beef " slow roast for a real treat!

  • Ox cheeks

    £14.71 Per Kg

    Packed with flavour, cook as you would shin. Also makes very good homemade potted beef!

  • Braising steak

    £11.71 Per Kg

    Lean and trimmed braising steak or " chuck steak " needs less cooking than stewing steak or shin.

  • Steak and kidney mix

    £11.99 Per Kg

    Stewing steak mixed with kidney ready for making pies and puddings.

  • Chinese Beef Stir-fry

    £14.55 Per Kg

    Made using trimmings of steak, and stir-fry vegetables, all coated in a tasty stir-fry sauce, simple cook quickly in a wok, and add some noodles if you wish! ALLERGENS: SOYA, SESAME, GLUTEN