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Meridian Meats started life as an outlet for own home produced Longhorn beef in 1997, since then have evolved and grown into one of Lincolnshire's leading independent butchers. We are proud to be a Q Guild butcher and we are also Lincolnshire's only Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Accredited butcher. If you would like to read more about our history please scroll down for the full story.

Our shop is situated in Louth, Lincolnshire on the busy high street, Eastgate. Here we have a small team of staff who work tirelessly to create our products, If you would like to see more of our shop or our staff at work we have a selection of videos avalible to view on youtube.

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The name Meridian Meats came about because our Farm at Tetford, where we raise our Longhorn cattle and rare breed sheep, is crossed by the Greenwich Meridian Line. We founded Meridian Meats back in 1997 in order to retail our own Longhorn Beef and the Lamb from our Rare Breed Ewes. We knew then that we were producing high quality products with superior eating qualities so believing that these did not deserve to be 'lost into the general market'.

We entered the world of direct marketing, selling packs of Longhorn Beef and either whole or half lambs for home freezing. This we have done very successfully ever since and we are renowned for the quality of the beef and lamb that we produce. This reputation led to many requests, from smaller households or those with limited freezer space, to purchase smaller quantities. In response we opened our Farm Shop at Tetford early in 2005. This was made possible with the help of generous part funding received from the Lincolnshire Wolds Sustainable Development Fund.

In July 2007 we launched our Online Shop to provide those not living within easy reach of us the opportunity of experiencing the delights that were on offer at our Shop in the Heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds. In the late autumn of 2007 a new opportunity arose and by Christmas we had concluded negotiations to take over a retail butchers shop in the nearby town of Louth - the Capital of the Lincolnshire Wolds. By what can only be described as a fortunate coincidence the premises are situated beside where the Meridian Line passes through Louth!  We relocated from the Farm Shop to the new premises at the beginning of February 2008. 

Since moving to our new shop location we are delighted to report that our business has increased many times over but unfortunately as a result we had to withdraw our online ordering facility for a period of time in an effort to overcome the disappointment caused to customers ordering in good faith only to be told that their choice was temporarily out of stock! By the end of August 2009 we felt sufficiently confident in both our ability to prepare orders and our supply of beef, pork and lamb to relaunch our Online Shop. We are constantly reviewing the items on offer & adding new ones however should you not be able to find what you are looking for or if you have any special requirements please telephone 01507 603 357 and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements personally with you. If you find it more convenient to email we will be delighted to deal with your enquiry promptly, but this does lack the personal touch!

In addition to our home produced Longhorn beef and rare breed meats we offer local beef, pork and lamb, all produced to the highest welfare standards on other selected Lincolnshire farms and all offering complete traceability. To complete the line-up we stock S.J.Frederick & Son's Label Anglais traditional free range chickens and when Christmas comes we stock amazing free range turkeys from Walters Turkeys in Berkshire in addition to seasonal poultry from local producers.

Whilst our farm is not registered Organic, all our animals are totally naturally reared producing safe, healthy, traceable meats from British Breeds with a quality and flavour rarely available these days. We are very fortunate that L. Brown & Son's City Abattoir at Lincoln is only 22 miles from the farm; so food miles are very low and our end product is of the highest possible quality as we ourselves can carry out the transport with the minimum of stress to the animals. To achieve the very best flavour, tenderness and succulence all our beef carcasses are hung for a minimum of three weeks. For lamb, the hanging time is at least a week.

We are a member of the Guild of Q Butchers as well as being Lincolnshire's only Traditional Breeds Accredited Butchers, specialising in high class meats from rare and traditional native breeds. 

We feel justifiably proud of the quality of produce we offer. To demonstrate and endorse our dedication to excellence we enter a number of local, national and international food industry competitions. This enables our products to be assessed by independent judges and you will see details of our many successes on our awards page. Many top chefs and restauranteurs have come to recognise the qualities of Longhorn beef. In his article 'In search of the perfect steak' published in the Sunday Times on 12th November 2006 Heston Blumenthal endorses Britain's oldest beef breed with these words: "The Longhorn has it all for me - the nutty, grassy, blue cheese note that I found in the steaks I ate in New York, plus a marvellous moisture and juiciness, alongside a firm but giving texture".

Thank you for shopping with Meridian Meats where our aim is to enhance the pleasure of your eating experiences by offering nothing but the finest quality natural produce.