Meridian Meats

Award winning online farm shop & deli located in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds offering local & national delivery

Why Choose Us?

We put hours of dedication into producing all the products that we sell, whether that be the product development of new items of the love and care that goes into the simplest of thing like a sausage, all so you can be assured or the best possible quality and service.

"The steaks were absolutely delicious...We’d all gone off steak really (take or leave it) but since you’ve been delivering them to us my husband said he hasn’t tasted steak like it for a long time!! So tasty and melts in your mouth...absolutely delicious!!!"

Local Delivery Customer

About Us

Jim Sutcliffe

We're an award winning Lincolnshire butchers specialising in sustainable local meat from our own farm in Tetford and selected local suppliers. We ship nationwide. We butcher, bake, make and pack all our own products, using time honoured skills that are becoming a rarity in the world of commercial butchery.