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Poultry and Game


Barn Reared Chicken Fillets 440gm Pack

Cut from chickens that have been barn reared these
chicken fillets are perfect to create quick suppers.
They are sold in packs of 2.

5.18 - This Pack


Label Anglais Chicken 2.4Kg

From S. J. Frederick in Essex these chickens really
are the best! Truly free range reared slowly to full maturity.
They are Red Cornish crossed with White Rock
which are two traditional breeds suited to our climate
and they thrive on open pasture. They are fed a natural
diet high in corn, giving a truly tasty bird. 

23.18 - This Chicken


Bag for Life

Why not treat yourself to one of our fabulous bags?
Plenty of room to get all your shopping in, and the soft
handles make carrying easy. If that wasn't good
enough the customer who sends us a picture of
themselves with their bag taken in the most unusual place on the planet will win a 50 Meridian Meats Voucher!
  Entries must be recived by 1st December 2012

3.99 each